steel processing


At Impact Steel, we use our capable processing centre to deliver the highest quality product to our customers.

These processes include slitting, shearing and the application of PE coating.


Impact Steel – Specialisation

We specialise in processing sheet and coil steel product for a range of industries including Manufacturing, Residential Building, Engineering, Construction, and also Automotive and Transport industries.

At Impact Steel, we are renowned for delivering the best possible quality steel product from our modern processing centres. This is a direct result of our most significant values: reliability, repeatability and flexibility.

Below are further details and specifications in regards to our advanced, slitting line, shearing line and Polyethyline (PE) applicator processes.



Our slitting line has world-class operating capabilities, providing effective slit patterns and quality slitting with minimal wastage.

We can slit coils of a maximum mass weight of 11.5 tonnes and maximum coil width of 1530mm.

It processes a minimum width of 25.4mm for carbon steel and 22.4mm for stainless steel. The slitter can process material thickness of range of 0.40mm to 4.00mm.  Depending on the material thickness, the number of strands in accordance with thickness varies from 7 to 23 for carbon steel, and 7 to 19 strands for stainless steel.

Other specific dimension limits including coil diameters, side trimming, downlayer dimensions, recoiler and uncoiler segment measurements are displayed in the following table:

PEC Applicator

Our PEC Applicator machinery applies a quality PE coating to the aluminium and stainless steel sheet to guarantee a damage-free finished product.

The applicator has five standard coating widths – 900mm, 915mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm, and is capable of processing thicknesses that range from 0.50mm up to 3.00mm

Using the PEC Applicator is of great benefit to our customers.  It not only protects your product, but also improves flexibility and efficiency in processing times, which dramatically reduces any fabrication defects.

Please view our photographs below to further understand how PE coating is applied to our products.

Shearline Machine

Our shearline machinery has a gauge range from 0.40mm up to 3.00mm for carbon steel and 0.55mm to 2.00mm for stainless steel. Tolerances for our shearing line that meet Australian standards include +/- 1.00mm for sheets up to 2440mm, and +/- 5.00mm for sheets over that.

We can guarantee that our shearline processing will complete perfect cutting with minimal wastage.

Below, we show photos of our shearline machine engaged in the process.

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