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At Impact steel, our value propositions are catered to the key market segments that our customers serve.  That’s why we’ve set our customer satisfaction standards significantly higher than our competitors.  We want to guarantee our customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

The following describes who our customers are, their expectations, and how we repeatedly manage to meet their needs.


Our Customers’ Expectations


At Impact Steel, our customers are our priority, and we know that our customers demand high quality steel.

Our superior steel products are sourced from Australian, and word-class steel mills, which are subsequently processed and quality maintained by us.

Specifically, our products include:

  • Hot rolled steel
  • Hot rolled pickled and oiled steel
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Electro Galvanised steel
  • Galvanneal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Steel Plate & Steel floor plate and;
  • Aluminised Steel Sheet


As well as being a leading Australian steel supplier, we also provide industry advice and offer stock inventory management recommendations to our clients. We pride ourselves on three crucial elements of service – reliability, repeatability and flexibility.

Our Service Values

We have the capability of consistently meeting our customers’ deadlines and supply requirements.  We are able to work to a flexible schedule, which allows for broader supply opportunities, and to manufacture our products on a much larger scale. Being able to depend on your steel manufacturer and supplier is paramount.

We know that our clients rely on us to repeatedly supply them with the required, zero defect steel products without delay or mishap.

Our commitment to reliability and flexibility ultimately reflects not only the finished product itself, but also the quality of customer service you receive. We stand by these interdependent values, putting our customers first and constantly improving on each service area to provide an experience like no other.


As a customer of Impact Steel, you can be absolutely certain that your goods will be delivered hassle-free and within your schedule. We have the ability to deliver steel products all over the country, providing you with the convenience and peace of mind that you deserve.

Our Team’s Experience

At Impact Steel, we have a dedicated team of professionals built on over 25 years of experience in the steel industry. Our team know their job, and know how to do it well. Combining our expert knowledge, we work in collaboration with our suppliers to guarantee the best quality steel goods are distributed. Customers expect a highly competent team capable of functioning effectively to complete every job.


Our team understands the importance of processing a defect-free final product.

We know that sometime faults occur during the processing of steel products, however, with Impact Steel, you’re in good hands.  On the rare occasion that a miscalculation or fault occurs, our team has the knowledge and expertise to rectify it a quickly.  We are 100% committed to reconciling between our service and your expectations as a customer, and are dedicated to improving on potential problem areas.


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