Steel Efficiency Review

The Steel Efficiency Review® involves a study of our customers’ businesses and steel processing flow. It allows us to get closer to our customers, using a methodology based on the seven areas of waste: over production, time in waiting, transport, processing, inventory, motion and rework.

We aim to work with our customers to better understand how to eradicate waste in both our businesses in order to capture real value. Our SER® Consultants simply offer recommendations based on their findings to further improve and lower costs. Within two weeks a short report will be provided, detailing these findings, recommendations and cost-saving / revenue generating solutions.

We’ve gained priceless insights across all major sectors from Manufacturing, Transport & Automotive, Building & Construction and Mining, Oil & Gas. The Steel Efficiency Review® combined with our insights gives you the competitive edge your business needs to survive and thrive. For more information download our fact sheets and market reports.

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